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Erica Jean

Erica Jean or Erica J. joins the cast of Love & Hip Hop in season 4. The chaos and drama shown on the series has garnered huge ratings and a large fan following for the cast. But Erica isn’t looking to put on a show. She has allowed Mona Scott and the crew at VH1 a peak inside her life. Her real relationship with rapper Saigon and their battle for what’s best for their son Stephen aka Lil B will be all out there for everyone to judge. Erica has been with Saigon for 6 years. They met at a party in the Hamptons. They always had great chemistry together and were attracted to one another. They are also both Cancers which might explain why they mesh so well together. Erica and Saigon aren’t married but they chose to have Lil B together and will do what it takes to make things work.

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